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Today, I received a few emails..... In those emails were a couple of pictures.

Now before I elaborate on those pictures let me just say that I have no shame in self-promotion, lol, like my pictures w/ the Muddilicious logo on them. It's harmless. However, (lol, I can't stop giggling) these pictures are, um..... 'Boosters'. I have/ or had (until I deleted) a section for the website, for friends and/or associates, who wanted to just have their graphics shown as well...

Well, these peeps put a whole new meaning on being a 'Booster' by shamelessly self-promoting my website for me, lol. Guess that isn't really self-promotion anymore... Woot!

Now I really, really, really want to post the pictures here but unfortunately due to the graphic contents of some of the pictures, I'm not going to post them. Even though my ‘MySpace’ page should be blocked to anyone under the age of 18 - people do lie about their age, so... I will describe them for you. The other reason I will describe them for you is because I'm not quite sure on how I will be able to post them on the website either, but I'm sure I can 'Muddy' them up a little. - I'd hate to have you guys go through an age verification process. That would totally suck donkey balls. Oh, speaking of 'Mudd' - I received an image today from a friend that IS appropriate to post:
Boosters Mud1-1

Thank you, Tyler. haha!

Now, back to the other pictures. The first one is from (Dicky McDickerson). He sent me a picture of himself hard. Yes, ladies and gents - I received a picture of someone’s dick. Now stuff like that doesn’t usually shock me 'cause I'm a pervert. However, this picture did put me in a bit of a shock. Not only did the dude do whatever he was doing or how he was doing it or, idk... don't think I want to know..... But on his shaft was something either written at the time or doc'd up later on - again, idk and idc, lol.... was Mudd... Muddy... Then what appeared or should have appeared to be his ejaculation was

Dude! Kudos to you! You sent it....
Boosters Muddtna

Moving along. Another picture that was sent was that of a friend (a women friend) with written in black eyeliner (eat ur heart out Shane)on her rump. Now, although the cock shock was very appealing, nothing out does the women's body. So... ladies, feel free to send me more pictures.

Alright, I'm out. Infact, out for a few days. Still pretty bummed over deleting my webpages. So, taking a break. I've been spending all my time lately working 3 jobs. Yes, building a website and shamelessly self-promoting it - is work. Anyway, all work and no play truly does make 'Mudd' a 'Dull Girl' - so, I'm going to venture into the world, perhaps meet new and interesting people, not that you guys aren't interesting!

Oh, and I promise to post those pics some where (photobucket) when I return from my mini-vacation.

Mudd... Muddy... Muddilicious™️
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