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 Weapons Manufacturers

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PostSubject: Weapons Manufacturers   Weapons Manufacturers I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2009 12:40 am

S&S Munitions

Reload: (verb) 1. Something you do after your target is dead.
As you probably understands by the words above these, S&S Munition's goal is to make weapons with huge clip sizes. They also got some of the strongest tech weapons in the weapons industry, so if you like to shoot endless bullets you should get an S&S Munitions weapon!
S&S Munitions' model lines
Level ------| Model Line
1 - 12------| Old
13 - 21-----| Revised
22 - 30-----| upgraded
31 - 39-----| Enchanced
40 - 49-----| Faultless
50----------| Perfect


Handcrafted firepower good enough for my son's son.
Some information about Jakobs:
Jakobs are making most of their weapons of wood, and because there is no wood on Pandora it got to be imported, this means a higher price.
Jakobs actually are aiming to make every weapon hand crafted and wooden, this means good quality and this means much better power than other, same leveled, weapons.

Jakobs' model lines
Level ------| Model Line
1 - 12------| Plywood
13 - 21-----| Classic
22 - 30-----| Vintage
31 - 39-----| Choice
40 - 49-----| Antique
50----------| Original


It is not often that mortals are allowed to wield the power of the gods
Some information about Atlas:
The Atlas manufacturer was the very first one to discover alien technology, this project brought Atlas to the front of weapon industry, they earned lots and lots more of money at this.
Atlas promise their customers weapons with good damage and fire rate without losing at the magazine size and the reload time.

Atlas' model lines
Level ------| Model Line
1 - 12------| Puny
13 - 21-----| Champion
22 - 30-----| Heroic
31 - 39-----| Herculean
40 - 49-----| Legendary
50----------| Titan


Mercs choose Dahl because they only get paid if they survive.
Dahl got good recoil reduction . Get one if you like to shoot a lot and still often hit what you are aiming at

Dahl' model lines
Level ------| Model Line
1 - 12------| Surplus
13 - 21-----| Mercenary
22 - 30-----| Soldier
31 - 39-----| Freelancer
40 - 49-----| Veteran
50----------| Elite


The weapons of the revolution. Even oppression itself fears Vladof.
Vladof aims to get the highest fire rate ever. Even though Vladof got poor accuracy, but who cares when you can shoot 50 bullets a second with a Vladof equipped!

Vladof's model lines
Level ------| Model Line
1 - 12------| Rusty
13 - 21-----| Peasants
22 - 30-----| Peoples
31 - 39-----| Workers
40 - 49-----| Soldier
50----------| Patriots


If it's not elemental, it's not a Maliwan
Short information about Maliwan:
Maliwan weapons are always elemental (incendiary, corrosion, shock or explosive) and are made to look as good as possible, though they lack at other stats.
Maliwan got as goal to honour the past by embracing the future, they are practically never using normal bullets, only elemental effects are good for a Maliwan.

Maliwan's model lines
Level ------| Model Line
1 - 12------| Obsolete
13 - 21-----| Standard
22 - 30-----| Sterling
31 - 39-----| Prototype
40 - 49-----| Paradigm
50----------| Pure


Kill 'em deader!
Torgue aims to make guns for "badasses". They make tough weapons, heavy weapons and strong weapons (even though all that is almost the same thing). Torgue are the ones trying to make the strongest and heaviest weapons on Pandora.

Torgue's model lines
Level ------| Model Line
1 - 12------| Weaksauce
13 - 21-----| Power
22 - 30-----| Force
31 - 39-----| Excellent
40 - 49-----| Awesome
50----------| Ultimate


A soldier only has to carry his gun, I carry my whole family
Tediore is mostly known for having much higher reload speed than from the other manufacturers. They are light and often cheaper than the others. That is Tediore's goal

Tediore's model lines
Level ------| Model Line
1 - 12------| Cheap
13 - 21-----| Value
22 - 30-----| Special
31 - 39-----| Super
40 - 49-----| Limited
50----------| Supreme


Short information about Hyperion:
The Hyperion corporation is handling the Guardian Angel's satellite and the New-U Stations
Hyperion's goal is to have the best accuracy out there and to hit where your crosshair is, everytime (almost)!

Hyperion's model lines
Level ------| Model Line
1 - 12------| Substandard
13 - 21-----| Valde
22 - 30-----| Melior
31 - 39-----| Ultar
40 - 49-----| Magnus
50----------| Optimus

Useful info when considering what parts you'll use to build your weapon.
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Posts : 22
Join date : 2009-11-20

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons Manufacturers   Weapons Manufacturers I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 01, 2009 11:07 pm

Found the best weapons reference site to aid in creating the gonja!

my sniper rifle just built... does 1123 damage - +200 chance crit head shot. saweet!

working on an alien sniper rifle.... i just like the lightning it shoots.
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Weapons Manufacturers
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