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 MWL Forum Pull

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PostSubject: MWL Forum Pull   MWL Forum Pull I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 2:15 pm

]eX[ Darkone

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Posted: 02-07-2010 02:00 AM

Since 3 days ago I have uninstalled this game. It is no longer on my PC and in this moment i have come back to tell you all what i think since i haven't come here either in 3 days and prolly won't be here often and i don't care what you say or if you suspend me.

First of all,
most of you suck ballz behind your screens. You're a bunch of weird nerds. Ranger you're completely stupid dude, and you need to work out and lose some weight. You got like 5 kids to support cuz you're too lazy to use a condom. You get fired from your job for hitting a co-worker over the head. You were prolly throwing one of those child-like fits like you do when you server crash.

You didn't play mech for 2 months then you came back. The first thing you did was hunt for 2 weeks to try to find a personal e-mail i had written. I have to say, i hope you giggled behind your 3 high dollar screens in your hick accent, cuz you certainly deserve it for that kind of effort and time.

Oh wait, i'm the freak or whatever.

I truly hope that you and your girlfriend server crasher n4sir continue to trade emails and crash everyone elses video games in hopes of making your own suckie lifes feel more important.

I didn't really like Gladius, he suspended me twice for calling someone an idiot. But i mean hey, whatever, it's fine. I got over it, he's on my MSN list now, not that he's a big talker.

Forum trolls- Forge, after you laughed at my sig, i gained some respect for you guys. Because you can diss people but some of you can take the heat too. That's cool. I still think some of you are annoying though in moments. We all know we're elite, but not everyone wants to read it.

By the way, seeing my old unit beat you guys today made me happy. I think i can retire in peace. I wasn't sure if they would win to be honest. You guys are pretty dang good. Alot of times, people say eXpertise is just noob pwners or whatever. First map, 12-5, that's pretty funny considering daishikiller didnt even have the game installed until a few days ago. Anyway, yeah. gg haters.

another reason i left is cuz open servers suck really bad. I mean, they've sucked for years but lately it's just beyond awful.

You have the Ronin guys taking the same team, every single game with the same weapons. Heat is more fun if people are on but i don't like playing with one borg either. He's as bad as Fast Ed with repetition. NHUA sucks more for sure though. Fast Ed takes toms and gets 17,000 points off bots. Then you have 6 Supernova turrets that will literally sit for hours. Eventually i just said, if you guys want to shoot bots, i will pulse them and beat you at bot killing. That's when beo came in with his leetness and called me a noob pulser. But hey, you know what the funny part is Beo. After all those times you called me the suck for pulsing, Dragula told me you took that pulse fafnir in a NH/UA solaris game. The one you always saw me use. That's really funny Beo. Wicced told me you were mad today when eX beat you too, that's funny too.

You always dissapointed me here Beo, in vengeance, you were better than me in novas. Not necessarily shooting, but you're better at moving around on the map and being more patient than i am. You could have been so much more in mercs than you are. You have become one of the black knight wildcat turrets. One of the common. But hey, just like i told wicced, if you feel elite, getting your 8-1 or 10-3 in an open server in your black knight ppc boat, more power to you dude, i hope you have a great life.

HeavyMetal, you're happy. I hate your gladiator with one tom and your mechs with no leg armor. You never impressed me in mechwarrior. and you tried to make me feel bad by callin me a tranny on a daily basis. Anyway, i hope you continue to look cool with your rock music. btw, read the bible, it will save your life, and quit pretending to be so hard core. No one cares.

I thought i would miss the game, after i uninstalled, but i really don't. Most of your guys poor attitude in this version of mech is disguisting.
All you do is camp and stack teams. When I or someone else manages to beat the stacked odds people just get mad or leave before the games over.

I made a forum, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] i posted my mechs on there and everything. Trying to get you guys to try different things and be more open. The only thing i got was beo telling me i was stupid and lockie posting his nova. It seems everyone is set in their ways. But hey, I knew that from the start, but i still try. I could have piloted a black knight every game, I could have stacked the teams with friends, but i chose to pilot Nova because it's harder, and play on the underdog team. Maybe that's why i always got kicked and banned and suspended. Because i prefered to play the game fair and be different, rather than be just another one of you, stuck in your ways. If that is what u prefer, so be it. own bots in honor, and camp it hard.

anyway, enough ranting. GG'ss I hope you guys still have some more fun out with whats still here of mech,




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MWL Forum Pull
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