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 Mudd's Theraputic Session 2

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PostMudd's Theraputic Session 2

I almost made it to bed, but wanted to make a clarification on Mudd's Theraputic Session 1, prior to me taking my mini-vacation. Not only clarify, but respond to the 2 comments, 3 emails and well over 30 different (lol) IMs'. (why I disabled )

Sess1 was actually a shout out to a question I once asked someone. Question was: Why am I single...? ( yes, I asked that ???) So, I was shouting out my own answer. Wasn't really the answer I was looking for. But nonetheless, it's an answer and I needed that answer to be heard.

The blog itself had nothing to do with me being asked that question in general.
I do not have a problem with being asked; "Why are you single?" I completely understand that in most cases with men vs. women - it's a conversation starter. You meet someone, your attracted to them, you like their personality and you're not sure what to say to them. First thing that pops in probably both heads (shoulders) is why are you single? lol

It is what it is. But - as Chris stated you guys should enhance the question alittle more. It's especially hard to know how to take that question when it's asked through text. And we all know, nowadays we all text. Whether through cell, email, IM, dating/community sites and the list goes on... lol

So, go right a head and ask me: "Why are you single?" I'm sure my answer will satisfy your curiousity 'Muddy' style.
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Mudd's Theraputic Session 2

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