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 Shane Dawson

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PostShane Dawson

So... I'm still totally bummed over my natural stupidity of accidently deleting my webpages... no worries they will be back up soon. In the mean time I needed a 'pic' me up.
What better, better way (yes I typed that twice) then to visit Shane DawsonTV. He can easily be found on Myspace, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, DailyBooth (check out the zoolander pic), etc - oh yes I do stalk him.

It's orgy time 'cause I know what 'Xpeeps' is...

Do you know what really turns me on about Shane. It's not the flipping of his head to move the straggling pieces of hair from his big deep blue eyes. It's not the ruby red lip stick smeared all over his soft voluminous lips. Nor the fact that he looks so hot in his mother's clothing. No, these aren't the things that attract me to Shane. I'm 'blood hungry' for him... so since 'he has a penis and I have a vagina' I think we should go ahead and make this sound....

Hey Shane. Do you want to make a kcuf sandwich, only this time you can wear the peanut butter... ?

kcuf the 'bad bromance'. 'Just shut up and call me DADDY!' I wanna be your bad, bad romance...

Mudd... Muddy... Muddilicious
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Shane Dawson

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