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 Idiotic moment 1

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PostIdiotic moment 1


Favorite quote: 'Artifical intelligence is no match for natural stupidty'

I just spent the last few hrs revamping 'Ocular Pleasures' for an easier load time, as well as put the final touches on 'Boosters' (haha, you'll like this page), 'Links', 'Credits' and all the goodies waiting for everyone inside 'Mudd' and....

... within 1 split second of hitting the wrong button, I completely deleted 'Ocular Pleasures' and 'Aural Pleasures' from not only my website, but my hard drive as well. It's gone. All of it. Coding, graphics, music .... I'm so bummed. Granted my mind was some place/ on someone else... Artifical Intelligence is just no match for my natural stupidty!

Oh well... 5:45 am. To sleep or not to sleep? That is the question.

Oh most of will be down for the next few days while I attempt to rebuild and revamp. lol - god, I'm such an idiot at times.
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Idiotic moment 1

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