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 Mudd's Theraputic Session 1

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PostMudd's Theraputic Session 1

Do you ever just start laughing because you remembered something funny or thought of a really good come back after the argument? (Got that off Facebook, lol)We all do... I just did!

I'm laying in bed, getting cozy - just about to fall asleep and all of a sudden a thought pops in my head and I can't get rid of it. So - I'm going to write it down.

I received this email that at the time I was like 'ok' with. I just realize that I am not 'ok' with it. I'm not 'ok' with any of it.

If you were to ask any of my RL friends, they will tell you that I will not put icing on the cake I am about to feed you. Hope you enjoy!

People ask me why I'm single? Here you go:

I believe that actions speak louder then words. So when you tell me something and your actions do another - I'm going with the vibes from your actions! You want me to care for you... yet, too self-centered to care back? What is up with that lame excuse - true or not, could have been provided, say oh... in an email at the time rather then the next evening. Your concept of not going anywhere and yet not being there. Gotta love 'Houdini'! You ran away, while I wasn't allowed! Your a jackass... yet, I can understand why. But - doesn't need to continue either... Indecisive people dry me crazy, too. So I was left making that decision. Thanks...what better way to break a heart then to break your own.

I know what I want, what I need, what I had, what I lost and what I want back. But I'll be 'ok' either way...

♫I rather hate you for everything you are then ever love you for something you are not. I rather you hate me, for everthing I am, then have you love me for something that I can't...♪ Five Finger Death Punch - 'Never Enough'

That's why I'm single.

Oh - by the way guys, lol... Incase you haven't been informed yet - women truly do hate it when asked; "Why are you single?" (lol)

Now, I can't speak for every women out there... However, I can tell you that I'm single by choice - not by defect, lol.

Take Two: Sleep
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Mudd's Theraputic Session 1

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