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 Sleep Study....

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Sleep Study.... Empty
PostSleep Study....

Taking a break....

So, as I sit here and wait for this 'Lunesta' to kick in to catch me some zzzzz, I decided to do some sleep research. Probably should have done this a long time ago considering I've had my sleeping disorder for as long as I remember. Less then a hand full of times can I remember just falling a sleep...

I spend most my nights laying in bed... tossing and turning... Nothing more, nothing less. I've tried all suggestions made to me by the doctors including a sleep evaluation. (results: unknown) I've read many books, watched the boobtube (that's a TV), zig-saw puzzles (glow in the dark), video games, pc games, exercising, um... I've taken caffeine, sugar, alcohol out of my diet for approx 6 mos, lol. I even went as far as asking my BEST friend 'Mary' not to come over anymore. Now that was HELL! Oh, I even had a kid, lol. I still can't sleep...

I really want to try to find that one thing that will work for me to just lay in my bed and fall asleep and stay asleep.

This is my sleep study. !YOU!

Do you regularly have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep?
-If so, what do you do?
-If not, what do you do??

Well, still waiting for the 'Lunesta' to kick in - oh yes. I occassionally use a sleeping pill, but usually only if I haven't slept for days, which is now. But, even the sleeping pills tend to fail. Anyways, break over....

Oh, lol
I truly want to hear about your sleeping habits. But - always a but.....I may use it on Post at your own risk.
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Sleep Study....

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